Prices do not increase as characters age, but sources of XP do dry up as XP accumulates on the sheet. Sheets will display the total XP on sheet and this will vary for new characters based on the total XP cost of all items on the sheet, not just what has been purchased since creation. As creation costs and XP costs are different, starting characters may see anywhere from low 50’s to high 70’s in XP on sheet for example.

Starting characters have all XP sources available to them.

At 200 XP on sheet, the Alt XP for Attendance is no longer awarded, Survival XP Forum XP, and the first XP from a report are no longer available. ( Good reports that would qualify for 2XP are still awarded 1 ) At 300XP, XP is capped and no longer awarded. If the character drops below 300 for any reason ( such as permanently burning traits for example), they will begin to accrue XP again at that point.

Standard Monthly Awards are as follows:

Survival 1XP

Attendance 1XP, 1 Alt XP

Forum Activity: 1XP

Report: 1 or 2 XP depending on length/quality

XP can be spent on anything normally. Alt XP can only be spent on Abilities and can be banked. This is to account for the wide and varied skill set most people have that isn’t well represented in game. Note that Alt XP is always drawn from first because it is LESS versatile than standard XP.