The Clans

New players should select a Camarilla clan ( or Caitiff ) to play. Returning or experienced players may be permitted to play independent clans or special snowflake builds. Keep in mind that Dark Jyhad has 20 years of history, and not all clans are welcome. Giovanni in particular have a history of being murdered or driven out. DJ’s backstory also has some departures from standard canon play.

BRUJAH – The Brujah have been a staple of Camarilla culture since the beginning. Both the strong arm and moral center of the Camarilla, the Brujah are given greater leeway for rebellion than most and their elders often excuse the indiscretions of their younger clanmates assuming they’ll calm down with age. Their disciplines of Celerity, Potence, and Presence form a solid base of simple mechanics making them an excellent first clan for starting players.

CAITIFF – Not a clan, but rather the lack of a distinct clan, the Caitiff are the lowest rung of vampiric society. While their versatility can make for interesting discipline combinations, Caitiff are not recommended for starting players due to the extreme social stigma associated with them. With no support network to draw on, and no friends among the Camarilla leadership, Caitiff are very difficult to play for any length of time. Potence, Fortitude, Celerity Caitiff are strictly forbidden.

GANGREL – In the Revised edition the Gangrel left the Camarilla. In Buffalo by Night, the Gangrel shortly thereafter returned to the fold as we found the political landscape too unstable without them. Gangrel are loners and wanderers by nature, and are not a bad fit for players who may not be able to attend every session. The Gangrel have some internal politics to contend with but are still one of the easier clans for a starting player. Their mastery of Protean, Fortitude, and Animalism  leaves them somewhat weak in high society social situations, but is exceptionally versatile.

MALKAVIAN – The Malkavians have been grudgingly accepted among the ranks of the Camarilla due to their insight, and will occasionally be given flashes of truth from staff. Buffalo has been a popular center for Malkavians for over a decade due to the influence of Vinna’s Cafe, but their power as a clan has waxed and waned as often as the moon. Buffalo’s Malkavians have had a difficult time of it due to the strong Tremere presence in the city, and are difficult to play properly. There is nothing comical or whimsical about playing an insane character, and the Malkavians walk a tightrope of roleplaying every night.

NOSFERATU – The Nosferatu are not a popular clan for players and there has never been a cap on them. Whether it’s our beauty obsessed society, or the unique challenge of playing a hideous informationmonger, the Nosferatu have few PC’s, and many NPC’s among their ranks. With the proper levels of Obfuscate, and cautious moves in society, the Nosferatu can be a good starter clan for new players. Their combination of Animalism, Obfuscate, and Potence gives them great versatility, and “insider information” is easier to come by.

TOREADOR – The Toreador are a great social force. With Auspex, Celerity, and Presence the Toreador are another versatile clan that has great tactical advantages in play. While not as forgiving as the Gangrel and Brujah ( social faux pas are mercilessly ground in ) the Toreador are another excellent starting clan for new players.

TREMERE – While a “wizard vampire” sounds like something an eight year old would come up with, the Tremere have a deep history steeped in treachery and deceit. The Tremere are exceptionally versatile and dangerous characters, but are not the easiest to play. While there seems to be a Thaumaturgical path for every occasion, access to those paths is neither guaranteed, not even available at all times, and often comes down to a question of what you have done for the pyramid lately. As a Tremere, you may find your clanmates more dangerous than the Sabbat. Tremere numbers are currently kept in check due to their popularity and may not be available at all times.

VENTRUE – Another socially powerful clan, the Ventrue have been somewhat unpopular as of late, but have great advantages interacting with mortals and forcing them to do their bidding. Seen as boring by many players, the Ventrue are rather cookie-cutter, with their combination of Dominate, Presence, and Fortitude. It takes a skilled player can make them shine.


LASOMBRA – The bulwark of the Sabbat, very few Lasombra exist in the Camarilla, and only one is allowed in game every few years by staff. With access to Obtenebration, widely regarded as a broken-powerful discipline, the Lasombra are extremely dangerous opponents. Access to Lasombra characters is a matter of trust between the staff and veteran player, and luck.

TZIMISCE – There are widely acknowledged to be no Tzimisce among the Camarilla as their alien sense of morality and repugnant mastery of Vicissitude makes them unwelcome in the Ivory Tower, even if they were interested. The Old Clan Tzimisce are forever tied to their demenses in Eastern Europe and have no interest in travel to the new world, or membership in the Camarilla.

ASSAMITE – With the breaking of the Tremere curse, and nominal acceptance in the Camarilla, Assamite characters are an uncommon, though not rare allowance. Players will be expected to be intimately familiar with Assamite politics, however, and will face some distrust among other players regardless of their intentions. Not for beginners.

SETTITES – The Followers of Set always have an ulterior motive. An unusual clan occasionally allowed, Settites are generally apart from polite Camarilla society and have difficulty getting involved in plots not of their making.

GIOVANNI – No one in Buffalo trusts the Giovanni, and until something drastic changes, Giovanni characters are not allowed as they would have too short a life expectancy. A fascinating clan with a tumultuous history in Buffalo, public opinion remains exceedingly sour toward them.

RAVNOS – Never terribly common, and even rarer after certain events, Ravnos are allowed in limited numbers for experienced players.

DAUGHTERS OF CACOPHONY – Aren’t known to exist. ( Melpominee is also rather weak as implemented )


SAMEDI – Exceedingly rare, and with little to draw their interest in Buffalo, not allowed.