Recent History

With the combined arms of several cities kindred fighters and local Garou, Niagara Falls has finally been rid of the Black Spiral Dancer menace. Their immediate goal achieved, the fragile alliance between Kindred and Garou seems to have evaporated as each returns to their own concerns, but an uneasy peace has settled in. No longer a border city, Buffalo has attempted a cultural renaissance in the Camarilla, but flawed execution and emboldened enemies have caused this rebirth to falter. Multiple failed praxis attempts prove the populace unhappy with Prince Calahans rule, but A Camarilla prince rules through sheer force, not popular opinion.

With the recent departure of the Judge-Oracle, Justicar of clan Malkav, Buffalo settles to manage internal affairs. Rumors abound of the Justicars intent, as he brought a wayward child of Malkav back to Buffalo with him to face trial. Many seemed concerned the Justicar intended to ensure the acquittal of their clanmate, when in fact the order of the day was not clemency, but justice and fear.