Character Creation

Characters are created using Laws of the Night Revised ( Greenbook ) with a few alterations. The game is Camarilla based though some independent clans are allowed. ( Needless to say they will not be allowed for new or inexperienced players). See the house rules section for more details on setting and power alterations.

Instead of 5 points of abilities starting characters choose 25. ( this is a correction )

Abilities have a scaling cost. The first three points cost 1 point, level 4 costs 2, and level 5 costs 3.

Historically we’ve not counted dropped Humanity against the 7 trait flaw limit, though the book details they count.

The three starting disciplines do not need to be in clan, but you’ll need a good backstory for why they’re not.

The third starting discipline can be a first intermediate. ( Book dictates that must all be Basic )

The out of clan premium 1pt is not charged on out of clan disciplines at character creation, but again, these deviations must be accompanied by an excellent backstory explaining it.

8th generation is restricted depending on how many 8th gens are running around.

Certain mix-max Merit and Flaw combinations are on a case by case basis.

Kindred from out of town may start with only the first level of any Influence. Kindred embraced locally may start with up to 3.

Additional status IS available at 1 point per, within reason. Generally only one or at most two traits are allowed, and are subject to review. If you’ve designed a¬†character that looks like it’s grudgingly tolerated by the establishment, we’re not going to allow status at start because there’s no way you’d have maintained it.

Clan populations dictate available starting clans. Check with staff before designing. If we feel the population of a given clan is too high we won’t allow any more until some are killed off.